Special Offer

Special Offer

Staying "Top Of Mind" is tough enough under normal working conditions.

But during a "Lockdown"?

Yeah we know. We're a Small Business as well.

With that in mind, please feel free to use any of the video templates below for your social media platform needs. It's just a fun way to "Hi, yes we're still here. Hope you are safe". (Imagine your logo and message wherever the Adlib logo is)

In the spirit of togetherness and support the clips below are free during this tough time (1 per company per week)

Just click on the "Use" button below the clip you want to use and we will email you back with artwork specs/requirements etc. Most of the clips require 2048x2048@72dpi Png* but some are different so please check with us before you send.



*A Png is best to use where you need certain areas to stay transparent. Have a look at the Adlib logo below and you will see how the letters have no backround - that's because we saved it as a png with transparent ares maintained)



Adlib-Girl Drawing.JPG

Girl Drawing

Adlib-Girl and Canvas.JPG

Girl and Canvas

Adlib Watercolors.JPG



Coffee Cup Type 3


Coffee Cup type 1

Adlib-Plate Logo.jpg


Adlib Puzzle.JPG


Adlib-Male Scientist Examins Holo Orb.JP

Male Scientist and Orb


Bus Woman Hologram

Adlib-Fruit Basket.JPG

Fruit Basket

Adlib-Gym Soda Drink.JPG

Gym Soda Drink

Adlib Corona-Cinematic Impact - Logo.JPG

Cinematic Impact

Adlib Corona-Cinematic Rays Logo.JPG

Cinematic Rays

Adlib Corona-City Transform.JPG

City Transform

Adlib Corona-Color Chips Logo Reveal.JPG

Color Chips

Adlib Corona cares-Industrial Constructi

Industrial Construction