At last! A library of ready made, engaging & entertaining digital content for all your Media Platforms

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From as little as R180 (ex Vat) per clip

Staying "Top of Mind"

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for small businesses these days is staying "Top of Mind" Especially when you don't have a "HUGE SALE" or "Special Offer" and you just want to say  "Hi There! Don't forget us. We are here for you!"

We may have some fun solutions for you. Click on the thumbnail to see just some examples.


Each and every business is absolutely unique and special. What we do all share, however, are only about 5 or 6 generally accepted "Unique Selling Points" which we have called Common Unique Selling Points e.g. Faster, Cheaper, More Convenient, Better Quality, More Reliable.

We have made many fun "CUSP" clips. Click on the thumbnail to see just some examples.  help

Some Donuts

The Adlib “Donut” is simply one of the most cost effective, quickest and easiest way to get that "Special Offer" out there.


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Some South African Smiles

Mossie is a truly South African legend. Everyone knows a "Mossie" and Mossie knows everyone. Give your customers, clients and followers a smile. Nothing like a fun, cost effective way to keep your social media platforms active.or


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Bespoke Business Donuts

Templates made specifically for larger companies that can then be used by their staff, clients, agents, resellers and/or affiliates to promote and sell.

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