Mossie The Magnificent

Whilst travelling in the beautiful South African countryside, my beloved ‘96 4x4 broke down. The universe had decided it was time for me to meet “Mossie the Magnificent mechanic”.

Then he asked what I did for a living and when I mentioned that I was in the advertising industry, he asked me: “How come us guys don’t get to advertise? Why is it only the big companies?”


And so, inspired by my new friend Mossie, an advertising idea was born.


To all you small businesses out there:

Welcome to the Wonderful World of "Mossie the Magnificent”

I spent the afternoon in his workshop crying with laughter as he entertained me with hysterical words of wisdom. For the first time ever, I had wished that my automotive problem was bigger so I could have spent more time with him.

It’s quite simple really: Mossie has his own gallery full of quirky, funny messages. If you are keen to see some more of them email us and we will send you a link to view privately. You simply select the clip you'd like to use, send your artwork* (your offer/message and business details) which we will then render into the screen/s and send it/them back to you for posting.

*We will send you dimensions and format requirements

Nothing like a fun, cost effective way to keep your social media platforms active.

Click here to send us an email with your request/questions

Below are just a few examples. There are plenty more…and yes, Mossie, being Mossie, the gallery gets bigger and bigger every day...

Mossie TN Velcro.JPG
Mossie TN Velcro.JPG
Mossie Velcro
Mossie Beef
Mossie Mothers Day TN.JPG
Mossie Mother's day
Mossie Festive.JPG
Mossie Festive
Mossie is also fully mobile. We can place him at the location of your choice
Mossie in Situ #1
Mossie Makro TN.JPG
Mossie in Situ #2
Mossie Westpack TN.JPG
Mossie in Situ #3

NOTE: Companies, Products and Prices are Ficticious and merely for demo purposes

All the examples above exist as both "Price and Product" and "Brought to you by".