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Staying "Top Of Mind"

Social Media has made things a little easier on the one hand (Less $$$) but a lot harder on the other:

A Constant, Cost Effective, Never Ending  supply of Creative Content is required.

    Hopefully we can help. Imagine your logo or message wherever you see the Adlib logo.

Keep visiting this page. We will be updating it regularly.

Below are just a few examples.







Massage Tattoo

T Shirt 1

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Pricing: (South African Rands Ex Vat)

1 x Video

2 x Videos

4 x Videos

8 x Videos

R 225.00

R 405.00

R 765.00

R 1440.00

Simply send us a list with the names of the videos you want to use. We will send you artwork dimensions and requirements for that video and we will send you a preview. When you are happy (and once we have received payment) we will deliver your personalised video to you.

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